Hero Records Show #29 (2013-10-20) – Hip Hop That Survived The Cull Part II. D-H

A mere 11 months after the first show inspired by my realising I had a fair few records in my hip hop collection that I don’t think I ever liked, here’s the second batch of tunes that have survived the cull. Whilst the first one was entitled A-D, it turns out that I missed a few bands in that section, so whilst this is technically D-H, there’s a few that should have been in that first show. There’s also a few general new tracks too. Enjoy!



1 A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions Jive
2 Dj Format & Phill Most Chill – Diggin’ For A Livin’
3 Cypress Hill – Hits From The Bong Columbia Records
4 Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio – Mr Big Stuff Str8 Game Records
5 Marley Marl – Droppin’ Science ft Craig G BBE Records
6 Smut Peddlers – One By One ft Cage & Mr Eon Landspeed Records
7 Gutter Snypes – Judge Me Not Liberty Grooves
8 Ghost – The Pay Off Breakin’ Bread
9 The Creators ft Lootpack – The Cypher Bad Magic
10 Gunshot – Colour Code (Melanin Vocal Mix) Vinyl Solution
11 Beastie Boys – Just A Test Capital Records
12 GZA – Duel of the Iron Mic Geffen
13 Cash Crew – Green Grass (The Predictor’s Mix) Scream Records
14 The Mouse Outfit – We Aint Goin Nowhere feat Dr Syntax
15 Gangstarr – Just To Get A Rep Cooltempo
16 Doug E Fresh – On The Strength (Bomb Squad Remix) Reality Records
17 Dream Warriors – U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It 4th & Broadway
18 The Goats – Do The Digs Dug Ruffhouse Records
19 Fu-schnickens – La Schmoove (Remix) Jive Records
20 Earthling – 1st Transmission (Morcheeba Remix) Cooltempo
21 Eminem – Stan Interscope Records
22 Everlast – Jump Around
23 Beck – Loser Geffern Records
24 Hero No.7 – Common Theme
25 Speech Debelle – Elephant In The Living Room Big Dada
26 Lungs – Not Mine Hero Records
27 Weekend Sun – Feeling Inside Hero No.7 Remix