Hero Records Show #20 (2012-11-24) – Hip Hop That Survived The Cull. A to the mofo’ing D

Pulling records out of my hip hop section, I began to realise that I owned records that I just didn’t like, and have no idea why I bought them. So, I decided to go through my hip hop, listen to everything, and if there was a song good enough for the show, I’d record it, and the record could stay. Otherwise, it’s off to the charity shop for them.

So, this month, it’s a fine selection of hip hop tunes from A to D.



1 3rd Bass – Derelict of Dialect Def Jam Recordings
2 A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario
3 Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) Mercury Records
4 De La Soul – Brain Washed Followers Tommy Boy
5 Dangerdoom – Old School (Instrumental) Lex Records
6 Breakestra – Family Rap (Laid Back In The Rhodes Mix) Ubiquity Records
7 The Brotherhood – Wayz of the Wize Bite It Records
8 All Natural – MC Avenger Uppercut Records
9 Lords of Rap – MC Average XL Recordsing
10 Blade – Lyrical Maniac Raw Bass Records
11 Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Television, The Drug Of The Nation (Ultimatum Remix) 4th & Broadway
12 Cage – 54 Bad Magic
13 Dilated Peoples – Guaranteed Capitol Records
14 Travis Blaque – Dead Weight Altered Vibes
15 Dj Crystal – 183 (Head Nod Vocal) Northwestside
16 Psycho Realm – Pow Wow Jazz Fudge
17 Buddha Monk – Got’s Like Come On Thru’ Edel Records
18 Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See Elektra Records
19 Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise Tommy Boy
20 DJ Cam – Innervisions Columbia Records
21 Brainchild – Halcyon Daze Output Records
22 Blackanized – Ecology Natural Response
23 Coldcut – Naked Leaves Ahead of Our Time