Alternative Dubstep Orchestra – Power / The Waterfall [HR010T/HR010CD]

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We are very proud to announce the debut single from the amazing Alternative Dubstep Orchestra from Birmingham, UK.

We have 3 different option available, the super-limited 12″ version with exclusive mix, the CD version with additional bonus tracks and a cheap bundle featuring both the 12″ and the CD. Here’s what you can get on the different formats –

A: Power [8:55]*
AA1: The Waterfall [6:57]
AA2: The Waterfall (Brotherhood of Filth Remix) [6:03]

* Full length version of ‘Power’ will only be available on the 12″. Will not be available as a digital download or on any other format.

1: Power [4:11]
2: The Waterfall [6:57]
3: The Waterfall (Brotherhood of Filth Remix) [6:03]
4: The Waterfall (No Decks Version) [6:57]**
5: Cockney Thug (Live) [6:48]**

** Not available on the 12″ version.

Remix of ‘The Waterfall’ by Brotherhood of Filth featuring 3-time world champion DJ Switch

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CD [£3.99 + p&p]

Here’s a little taster of what you can expect.

ADO “Power”

ADO “Cockney Thug (Live)