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Soul Food ProjectI’ve got to be honest, I don’t like going out for Sunday Roasts. I usually end up sitting there, chewing on a dry, over-cooked piece of meat, doing my best to ignore whatever it is that is masquerading as vegetables, thinking that I could be eating far better at home.

However, recently the Soul Food Project have pitched up at the Hare and Hounds, promising to bring some love, soul, and Cajan spices to the already impressive Kings Heath culinary landscape. Interest was tipped into action by a glowing review by the man behind the Loaf Community Bakery Project, Tom Baker.

So, a table was booked (via ), and we rocked up to find our table complete with complimentary Sunday paper waiting for us. The menu was beautifully simple (I hate too much choice in a menu; I end up paralysed by the fear of not choosing the best thing on the menu for my mood!), with Roast Pork, Roast Turkey and Roasted Butternut Squash, and once I got over the initial disappointment that it wasn’t the Beef mentioned in the Loaf review, I settled for the roast Pork.

After a nice leisurely wait (you’ve got to have time to read some of the free paper you’re given!), dinner arrived. Initial impressions were good; there was a good couple of thick slices of pork, the vegetables looked crisp and crunchy, the Yorkshire pudding had an inviting sausage meat and spices stuffing, and the gravy looked nice and thick.

Thankfully, the taste backed up the looks; the meat was lovely and moist, the vegetables were crunchy and full of flavour, the stuffed Yorkshire was lovely, and the gravy topped everything off nicely.

No one else had initially wanted pudding, muttering that they were bound to be too full , but I had picked up three vouchers for their Chocolate Brownie dessert from their stall at the Taste Festival, so I ordered some anyway. Needless to say, I wasn’t left to eat three puddings on my own, much to my disappointment, as it was fantastically light, fluffy and chocolatey.

If you can’t tell, I was very happy with the meal. It really is worth getting out of the house on a Sunday for. Especially as it’s only £8 for the main, or £10 for main and dessert (you konw it makes sense). So much so, that we went back a few weeks later. It still wasn’t Beef (it turns out that they announce what the meat is going to be on Twitter, so it was my own fault!), but Lamb, and I have to say that it was even nicer than the Pork. The Brownie was still ace too!

I’m planning on getting back there one weekend when the beef’s on the menu, and I’m even tempted by the vegetarian option of roasted Butternut Squash!

So, the Soul Food Sunday roasts gets a very definite two thumbs up from me. They are, I believe, looking to expand the menu soon (might have beef on every week), as well as getting DJs in to play some nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon tunes, which sounds like a cracking way to while away a couple of hours!

Next up, we want to try the Jambalaya, as well as Waffle Wednesday (two waffles for a fiver), oh, and the brunch on Saturday/Sunday lunchtimes!

Update 12/09/10 We had the beef today. 100% awesome!

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