New single from Weekend Sun

Have a listen. Out now on digital download and 7″ vinyl version.

You can buy it from the following retailers as well as a few other places.

Hero Records Store (Digital & Vinyl)
Kudos Distribution (Vinyl)
iTunes (Digital)
Juno (Vinyl)
Juno Download (Digital) (Vinyl)
Underground Gallery Japan (Vinyl)
Amazon UK (Digital)
Amazon US (Digital)
Amazon Japan (Digital)
Amazon France (Digital)
Amazon Germany (Digital)
Ovi Music / Nokia (Digital)
Spotify (Digital)
MFlow (Digital)
Tradebit (Digital)
eMusic (Digital)
7 Digital UK (Digital)
7 Digital US (Digital)
7 Digital Germany (Digital)
Discogs (Digital)
DJ Download (Digital)
Fairshare Music (Digital)
Fairshare Music (Digital)
HMV (Vinyl)
Import CDs US (Vinyl)
iMusic (Vinyl) (Vinyl)
Tesco (Digital)
Phonica (Vinyl)
Fat City (Vinyl)
artistxite (Digital)
Japonica Music (Vinyl)
Chemical Records (Vinyl)
Fastcut Records (Vinyl)
Calamel (Vinyl)
Technique (Vinyl)
Marginal Records (Vinyl)
Soultrade (Vinyl)
Loop 23 (Vinyl)
Recordstore [Australia] (Vinyl) (Vinyl)

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