London Posse Remix

Have a listen to Hero No.7’s remix of ‘Gangster Chronicle’ by the London Posse (please note that this track and the others below contain some extreme language and is not suitable for listening to at work or in front of children) :

This track was made for Tru Thoughts’ Rodney P/London Posse remix competition. Check out some of the other entries below:

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Funk Against Facism out now

Hero Records are proud to announce that the amazing Funk Against Facism charity compilation put together and released by the excellent tOtAlcULt and featuring Hero No.7’s “Never Ever Had A Hero” is out now and available to buy exclusively from Juno Download.

More info can be found at tOtAlcULt’s Funk Against Facism page

‘Funk Against Fascism’ is a charity compilation raising money for ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’. Artists from Birmingham to Brazil have come together to create an eclectic album representing the broad spectrum of breakbeat sounds, from chilled out funky hip-hop to fierce, bassline-driven acid.

Every penny of the artists’ and label’s royalties will go directly to the charity, which supports anti-racist and anti-fascist activity and runs campaigns urging people to vote against fascist candidates in elections.

No other charity celebrates cultural differences like ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ and no other music genre revels in sonic diversity more than the breaks scene. It’s a match made in heaven.

“Funk Against Fascism features both grizzled commandos like Fort Knox Five and Badboe as well as young guns like Ewan Hoozami and Totalcult himself. You also get an array of funky artillery covering all angles from the dub-breaks of Timothy Wisdom, to the p-funky grooves of Totalcult, to Ewan Hoozami’s ghetto funk ‘Manhattan Project’ Boob Job. And if that’s not enough to persuade you to get your money out, you’re either in the EDF or tighter than a Tory government in a recession.” From Monkeyboxing’s review of the album: HERE

1. Fort Knox Five – Funk 4 Peace ft. Mustafa Akbar & Shunda K (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)
2. tOtALcULt – One World
3. Super Combo Funk – I Don’t Need No Dope
4. BadboE – Stop, What’s That Sound?
5. DJ Soo – Feelin’ Sanctified
6. Ewan Hoozami – Boob Job
7. Geriba – Dancin´ Feet ft. Quincy Jointz
8. Timothy Wisdom – Check The Living Dub
9. Johnny Pluse – A Breakdown Anthem ft. MC Kawasi & Dan Man
10. PulpFusion – Rocking Kids
11. Zamali – Funky Kasbah (No Flip Flop Mix)
12. Hero No. 7 – Never Ever Had A Hero

Check out tOtaLcULt’s exclusive promo mix below :

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Hero Radio Show #9

The latest installment of the Hero Records’ Space Invader Radio Show featuring your mild mannered radio bosses Manzo and Colin playing some tunes and talking nonsense is now available to listen to on the link below.

Hero Records #9 (2011-10-22) – Colin Comes To Town by Hero Records on Mixcloud

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Bill Brewster’s DJ History Podcast

Listen to Hero No.7’s remix of Weekend Sun’s Figo on Bill Brewster’s DJ History pocast here. The track is 28 minutes into the mix but you should really listen to the whole thing and also check out more of Bill’s podcasts while you are at it as well as the excellent DJ History website.

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Weekend Sun “Figo” video

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Weekend Sun “Keep Running” video

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DNA Zone Magazine

Big thanks to DJ Badger from the British B-Boy Association for the nice review of the new single from Mash & Munkee in the latest issue of DNA Zone Magazine which you can also check out on Facebook.

Hero Records – 100% Guaranteed B-Boy & B-Girl Friendly Beats!

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Airplay for Weekend Sun and Mash & Munkee singles

We have had some kind people play tracks from the forthcoming Weekend Sun and Mash & Munkee singles so if you are looking for places to listen to some nice funky music then you could do worse than check out some of the following shows :

The Craig Charles Soul & Funk Show on BBC 6 Music [in fact do yourself a favour and listen to all of 6 Music’s shows]
Funky Fresh Hip Hop Show on Radio X, Frankfurt
Wicked Jazz Sounds on Radio 6 Soul & Jazz, Netherlands
Jump Start on Solar Radio
Beats & Pieces on Starpoint Radio
The Modcast with Eddie Piller & Friends on iTunes [Check out Episode 9 for Weekend Sun’s “Keep Running”]

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New single from Mash & Munkee

Have a listen. Out on October 3rd 2011.

and after that you can buy it from these places

Hero Records Store (Digital & Vinyl)
Kudos Distribution (Vinyl)
Juno Download (Digital)

Amazon UK (Digital)
Amazon US (Digital)
Amazon Japan (Digital) (Vinyl)
Import CDs (Vinyl)
HMV (Vinyl)
eMusic (Digital)
Spotify (Digital)
HMV (Vinyl)
iTunes (Digital)
Chemical Records (Vinyl)
Seismic Records (Vinyl)

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New single from Weekend Sun

Have a listen. Out now on digital download and 7″ vinyl version.

You can buy it from the following retailers as well as a few other places.

Hero Records Store (Digital & Vinyl)
Kudos Distribution (Vinyl)
iTunes (Digital)
Juno (Vinyl)
Juno Download (Digital) (Vinyl)
Underground Gallery Japan (Vinyl)
Amazon UK (Digital)
Amazon US (Digital)
Amazon Japan (Digital)
Amazon France (Digital)
Amazon Germany (Digital)
Ovi Music / Nokia (Digital)
Spotify (Digital)
MFlow (Digital)
Tradebit (Digital)
eMusic (Digital)
7 Digital UK (Digital)
7 Digital US (Digital)
7 Digital Germany (Digital)
Discogs (Digital)
DJ Download (Digital)
Fairshare Music (Digital)
Fairshare Music (Digital)
HMV (Vinyl)
Import CDs US (Vinyl)
iMusic (Vinyl) (Vinyl)
Tesco (Digital)
Phonica (Vinyl)
Fat City (Vinyl)
artistxite (Digital)
Japonica Music (Vinyl)
Chemical Records (Vinyl)
Fastcut Records (Vinyl)
Calamel (Vinyl)
Technique (Vinyl)
Marginal Records (Vinyl)
Soultrade (Vinyl)
Loop 23 (Vinyl)
Recordstore [Australia] (Vinyl) (Vinyl)

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