Savages & Unifairfly

Nándor Kürtössy aka Savages from Hungary is a 28 year old producer who released his debut album “Five Finger Discount” on Chameleon Records in late 2008 to great response from producers all over the globe. His highly acclaimed “Eastern Block” EP was recorded under the moniker Kovacs and released by the Hungarian label Budabeats in 2008.

David Hanke aka Unifairfly from Germany is a 32 year old producer who started with a local radio show and soon begun to produce hip hop flavoured funk tunes. Already known as one half of Mash & Munkee (Backslide/Jack To Phono/Funk Weapons), David also produces under the Renegades of Jazz moniker on Smoove’s Wass Records.

A shared a love for the sound of labels like Puma Strut, 7 Hills and Breakin’ Bread has lead to the duo collaborating on the tracks “Blow Up Your Box” and “Mean Streets” which are out soon on 7″ vinyl and digital download on Hero Records.

Selected Discography
Savages “Five Finger Discount” (Chameleon CD) 2008
Kovacs “Eastern Block” (Budabeats mp3 download) 2008
Mash & Munkee “Wake Up EP” (Backslide 12″) 2008
Mash & Munkee “The Good Vibe” (Jack To Phono 7″) 2010
Mash & Munkee “Work It Out EP” (Funk Weapons 12″) 2010
Unifairfly “Rock To The Rhythm” b/w “Keep The Breakin'” (Funky Mamas & Papas 7″) 2010
Savages & Unifairfly “Blow Up Your Box” b/w “Mean Streets” (Hero 7″) 2011

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