Mash & Munkee

Mash & Munkee aka David Hanke/Unifairfly & Kolja Starkowski/Deli-Kutt

Kolja aka Deli-Kutt and David aka Unifairfly/Renegades of Jazz are based in Wuppertal near Hamburg, Germany and and meet every 3-4 month in a session to produce their music. Kolja had been Djing since 1996 and David was running a radio show before they met online at the record database site Discogs and, after discovering a common taste in music, teamed up to form Mash & Munkee and the rest, as they say, is history. They are currently working on their debut album.

Selected Discography
Mash & Munkee “Wake Up EP” (Backslide 12″) 2008
Mash & Munkee “The Good Vibe” (Jack To Phono 7″) 2010
Mash & Munkee “Work It Out EP” (Funk Weapons 12″) 2010
Unifairfly “Rock To The Rhythm” b/w “Keep The Breakin'” (Funky Mamas & Papas 7″) 2010
Savages & Unifairfly “Blow Up Your Box” b/w “Mean Streets” (Hero 7″) 2011

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