Hero Records Show #46 (2015-10-18) – A Man On Holiday Walks In To A Record Shop

So, whilst on holiday in Devon, I spent an hour in a record shop, and came out with a few goodies, then played some tracks from the first mix I did for the Rib Nights venture up here in Birmingham.

Link available soon.


1 Betty Wright – Shoo-Rah Shoo-Rah RCA
2 Bill Withers – Better Off Dead A & M
3 James Brown – The Payback Mix Urban
4 Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause Def Jam
5 L.L. Cool J – Six Minutes Of Pleasure Def Jam
6 Paris – Guerilla Funk Priority Recordings
7 Cypress Hill – Dr Greenthumb (DJ Styx remix) Columbia
8 The Herbaliser – Who’s The Realest Ninja Tunes
9 Nostalgia 77 – Rain Walk Tru Thoughts
10 Savages & Unifairfly – Blow Up Your Box Hero Records
11 Hero No.7 – Black Mountain Gumbo Hero Records
12 The Groove Robbers ft Dj Shadow – Hardcore Instrumental
13 Aim – Ain’t Got Time To Waste (Instrumental with Vibes) Grand Central
14 Dynamic Syncopation – Ground Zero (Instrumental) Ninja Tune
15 Monk & Canatella – Picnic Cup of Tea
16 The Invisible Pair Of Hands – Sloppy’s Not Sloppy Any More (Herbaliser vs Invisible Pair of Hands Mix) Cup of Tea
17 The Mexican – Spunky Love Fun Catskills
18 DJ Cam – Innervisions Columbia Records
19 Depeche Mode – Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session) Mute Records
20 Slick Sixty – Hilary, Last of the Pool Sharks Cup of Tea
21 Chocolate Weasel – Music For Body Lockers (Reworked From Shatner’s Bassoon) Ninja Tune
22 Freq Nasty – Boomin’ Back Atcha’ Botchit & Scarper