Hero Records Show #39 (2014-11-16) – Tripping Through Mo Wax IV

Apologies for the (long) delay in uploading this show, had to re-write the software I use to upload it, took longer than anticipated! Anyway, better late than ever, here is the fourth part of my favourite Mo’ Wax tunes (from those I own, of course!) All the usual suspects, and a whole bunch of quality tunes! An addition to this show that I realised that I should have done in all of them, for the background music, I used the 8 intermission pieces from each volume of Headz 2, that were unique to the vinyl release.

Listen here.


1 Dj Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World (Radio Version) Mo Wax
2 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.1 Mo Wax
3 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.1 Mo Wax
4 Andrea Parker – Unknown Mo Wax
5 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.2 Mo Wax
6 RPM – Flow Mo Wax
7 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.2 Mo Wax
8 The Dust Brothers – Searchin’ Mo Wax
9 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.3 Mo Wax
10 Dj Krush – Yeah Mo Wax
11 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.3 Mo Wax
12 Money Mark – Maybe I’m Dead (Underdog Remix Instrumental) Mo Wax
13 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.4 Mo Wax
14 Blackalicious – A To G Mo Wax
15 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.4 Mo Wax
16 Quannum Projects – Extravaganza Mo Wax
17 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.5 Mo Wax
18 Blackalicious – Deception Mo Wax
19 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.5 Mo Wax
20 Money Mark – Stone Whirl Mo Wax
21 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.6 Mo Wax
22 La Funk Mob – Motor Bass Get Phunked Up Mo Wax
23 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.6 Mo Wax
24 Quannum – Changed My Mind (Rattlesnake Mix by Stereo MC’s) Mo Wax
25 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.7 Mo Wax
26 Divine Styler – Time Fold 79 Mo Wax
27 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.7 Mo Wax
28 Major Force West – Version (Jump Track) Mo Wax
29 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.8 Mo Wax
30 Liquid Liquid – Cavern (The Cut Chemist Rocks A Rave In A Missile Silo Remix) Mo Wax
31 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.8 Mo Wax
32 Dj Shadow – The Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix) Mo Wax
33 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.1 Mo Wax
34 Major Force West – SDP Theme Pt.2 Instrumental Mo Wax
35 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.1 Mo Wax
36 The Groove Robbers ft Dj Shadow – Hardcore (Instrumental Hip Hop) Mo Wax
37 Unkle – Drums of Death Part 1 Mo Wax
38 The Prunes – Intermission Pt.2 Mo Wax
39 Dr Octagon – I’m Destructive Mo Wax
40 DJ Krush – KRB Pt.3 Mo Wax
41 Unkle – The Knock On Effect Mo Wax